Windows Explorer has Stopped Working? Fix It Now!

All of the Windows users are familiar with error this like “Windows Explorer has stopped working”. On many occasions Windows stop working like when you click on any folder, multiple clicks, too many clicks on any item and many more other reasons.

Microsoft has still not reveled any reason or a solution to get this problem solved officially. It occurs at once and in most of the cases it gets solved automatically.

But if you are a also victim of Windows Explorer has stopped working type of problem then you should try some fixes. I am not damn sure but may be the following solution will work for you.

windows explorer has stopped work

Solution 1:

For Advanced Users: Restart the Windows Explorer service

The first working solution is just restart the Windows Explorer process using the Task Manager. This is not an easy task for new users However it can be done in few easy steps:

1. First of all open the Task Manager using Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination. I have noted that it always works in case when system is completely hanged (In rare case it will not works).

Once Task Manage opens, find out the Windows Explorer and right click on that to access End task option. In Windows 8 you can restart Windows Explorer processdirectly using Restart option available under right-click menu. But in Windows XP and 7 OS you have to click on End taskoption to stop Windows Explorer.


2. Once you have Ended the task, the Windows Explorer process (your desktop) will go off and you can see the only desktop wallpaper. So now you have to get back Windows Explorer service to restore everything in old working condition.

To start the Windows Explorer open Run box using Win + R key and enter the command explorer.exe then click on OK button. You can also open Run box using Task Manager File menu > Run new task.

3. That’s It! Now you system will start working in normal condition and avoid repeating those tasks or commands again that made problem for your running on your system.

Solution 2 :

Another solution is to repair the system corrupted files

It might be possible that your system has lots of corrupted system files leading to stop running system again and again.

If you think your OS system files are corrupted then you can repair them using sfc /scannow command. To run this command you have to open CMD (Command Prompt) then type sfc /scannow and hit enter.

Above solutions is personally tested by me and always works for me. Please let me know your troubleshooting experience with errors like Windows Explorer has stopped working and the solutions via comments.