Tips To Avoid Useless Popups While Surfing

If you have been near mad while using the internet, it was probably because of the useless pop ups. Many people have never understood why anyone would want pop-ups showing up on their websites despite the money they make from it.

Many people will quickly cancel pop ups before taking time to even see what they are all about. This is what makes them one of the most useless selling gimmicks online.

How do you surf free of pop-ups? Other than losing valuable bandwidth to useless graphics, you waste a lot of time managing and trying to get the information that you want beyond the overlaying problem. Here are simple ways that you can use to avoid useless popups or even you can block pop ups.

block popup chrome firefox

1. Enable your pop up blocker in Microsoft Internet Explorer
The best way to deal with pop ups is to go straight to the explorer option. Simply click on the Tools icon, go to options, privacy and pick the block popups option. This will deal with any useless pop ups when using your browser.

2. Block Popups in Google chrome
You can easily create pop up blocking on Google chrome right from the settings. This comes automatically but can be re-checked by clicking on the Setting, show advanced settings, Content settings and then making sure you check the “do not allow any site to show pop-ups option.

3. Apple Safari popup blocking
Apple safari can directly block popups right from the browser. All you need to do is go to safari, Preferences, security and the pick the Block pop-up windows option.

4. Mozilla Firefox popup blocking
Mozilla comes with an already enabled popup blocker. This can however be confirmed incase you feel that it is not working. Go to Firefox, Preferences, content and then click on the Block popups windows option for it to be activated.

5. Blocking pop-ups using popup extension blockers
Pop up blockers will do splendid jobs when it comes to keeping the annoying windows off your screen.

Some of the most reliable extensions include Adblock Plus, Better Pop up Blocker, Poper blocker, NoScript and Flashblock. Most of these can be easily downloaded and installed by simply adding onto the browser you are using.

6. Blocking pop-ups using software
You can also use blocking software to block popups. Some of the most reliable software includes, Smart Popup Blocker, Super Ad blocker and many more. You can simply download all these from free download sites like Softonic and CNET for a direct installation.

7. Blocking pop ups directly from the control panel
One of the most convenient ways of dealing with pop ups is going directly to the control panel. Click on the control Panel, go to internet options and click on the privacy box.

Pick the Turn on Blocker option and choose the level of blocking you want for your browsers. The highest level will disable any and block popups and also offer you a Ctrl+Alt option for overriding the pop ups.