Some Useful Tips for iOS 8

So, probably you have got your hands on the new iPhone 5S or 5C or even to the new OS from Apple, iOS 8. Assuming that you have already upgraded to a newer version, iOS 8, here are some of the useful tips for iOS 8 to grips every feature of the newer version.

Though Apple always makes sure to keep the interface intuitive, but there are some little tricks which many of you don’t know.

Opening Control Center

Now, if you want to switch off your Wi-Fi or even if you want to toggle Airplace Mode, you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you can see the control center on the screen.

Close Safari Tabs iOS 7

Along with the basic notification center, you can even find Music controls and some utilities tools like flashlight and calculator there.

Spotlight Search

If you want to search for anything including apps, contact, mails, or whatever, you can swipe down the screen to launch the Spotlight Search. However, Spotlight search is only applicable to local device and that means it will not search the web.

To turn off the Spotlight Search again, simply Swipe up or tap twice on the screen. For more personalized settings, you can set what you exactly want in Spotlight Search by heading to Settings –> General –> Spotlight Search.

By sorting the things you want to appear in Spotlight Search, the search results will be more clutter free and this is the most useful tips for iOS 8.


Uncluttered Notification Center

The notification center always gets cluttered up with so many things coming notifying each second. To fix this, you can choose preciously what you want to have in your Notification screen. Go to Settings –> Notification Center and set up according to your needs.

Adding Many Apps To Folder

There is absolutely no limit in adding the apps to the single folder. You can even use them to hide the stock apps you don’t use anymore. Also, you can even swipe from the left side of the screen to jump back to what you’re doing. Yes, no button press is required!

Stop The Moving Screen Background

If you suffer from the motion sickness or even if you struggle to focus because of new parallex effect, you can switch it off by heading to Settings –> General –> Accessibility and simply turn Reduce Motion on to Ease up on the animation.

You can even bold the text or make the fonts big if you want.

Personalizing the Siri

You can head to Settings –> General –> Siri to personalize the Siri as per your need. You can even select the gender of your assistant.

Blocking the Numbers

So, you don’t want any irritating calls from tele-callers or even from your Ex, simply block their numbers to avoid their calls. For that, head over to Setting –> Phone –> Blocked and add them to blacklist. You can even block the messages.

Using Volume Buttons as Shutter Button

You can use volume button as Shutter button to take photos. You can also hold it down to take multiple shots.

Apart from all these small-small tips, you can even know the timestamp of the message by swiping the speech bubble to the left, you can close the apps by swiping it to up, You can even kill unwanted apps to save your battery juice.