Send a Word Document as the Body of Email Message

Now, if you write your emails in Word, here is the way by which you can send it to recipients from the Word itself. However, this feature isn’t available in Word 2013, but rather can be added as ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar.

This feature will come handy if you don’t want to waste your time copying and pasting it into the mail editor or even attaching it.

How to do it? – The Process

For doing this, simply open up the Word file and click on File tab located at the top left corner of the screen.

Hit the Options button from the list.

From the left hand side pane, click on Quick Access Toolbar from the Menu List.

From the drop down menu list, select Commands Not in the Ribbon.

In the very next step, choose Send to Mail Recipient command from the drop down list. Simply hit the add button to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.


Hit the Ok button to accept the change and close the dialog box.

Now, all the basic things set up, you can see the Send to Mail Recipient button added to Quick Access Toolbar. You just need to hit that button to create the email from the current document.

A panel with the To, Cc, and Subject field will be opened, from where you can send the mail directly to recipient. Just enter the details of the recipient and some information.

Now, if you want to display your email address to the recipient, just hit the options button and select From and enter your email address.

email from word

You can even set additional Security options, delivery options if you want to. For sending the created mail, hit the Send a Copy button or simply press Alt + S.

If you add From address, the mail received by recipient will get the address of sender.

However, there is no record saved of the sent message. If you want to keep the copy of it, you can choose Bcc and enter your own email address to get the copy of it.