Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Google Chrome with One Click

Google has updated it Google Chrome Browser recently. After updating, I have seen that Google had changed its new tab window that now comes with default search engine Google and eight popular websites that you have visited.

Apart from these updates, Google also added two new features in Chrome, first, now you can access recently closed Tabs in Google Chrome menu, and another one is Google has added new Apps button bookmarks bar.All these features are very useful for Chrome users.

Now Chrome users don’t need to open Google search web page to search anything because Chrome new tab has a built-in search option. Chrome users can also open the most popular website visited by them by clicking on it right after search bar in the new tab.


How to Access Recently Closed Chrome Tabs?

This is really good news for Chrome users that they can now access recently closed tabs on Chrome menu. The new restore option is very helpful to restore any recently closed tabs with one click instead of searching them in Google’s Chrome history.

To open Recently closed menu, click on Chrome Menu and then Recent Tabs. In the Recent Tabs menu, you can check recently closed tabs, and you can open them again.

Chrome Recent Tabs store only last ten recently closed tabs only. So if you are looking for tabs that have not closed recently, then you have to open Chrome history.

If you are a new in Chrome then you have to remember these tips that are related to Chrome tabs:

  1. You can use Ctrl + T to open a new tab in Chrome.
  2. Use Ctrl + Shift + T to open last closed tab any time.
  3. You can also right-click on any tab to reopen the closed tab.

Thanks for reading this post which I have provided here and if you are facing any kind of issue then please let us know about it.