MetroSidebar for Beautiful Sidebar: Live Tiles for Windows 7/8/8.1

Microsoft had started Sidebar Gadgets concept in Windows Vista and 7 but they removed it from Windows 8 due to security reasons.

Windows 7 sidebar gadgets gives us lots of information and looks beautiful  while you are on desktop. In Windows 8, Microsoft replaced sidebars gadgets with Charms Bar which is not so much useful and not easy to use as well.

A few months back I had published articles on How you can get back Windows 7 Sidebar Gadgets in Windows 8 which is still popular between Windows 8 users.

Today, I am again going to review one new freeware app called MetroSidebar that can enable new Metro based sidebar in Windows 7/8 and 8.1 also.

MetroSidebar works with live tiles that updates automatically and each tile works on its own, so it’s like enjoying many applications in one application. It hascleanModern UI and support full customization to make it more useful for Windows users.

By default it comes with predefined titles like Time, User, Weather Update, Picture and Alarm. Apart from tiles it also have launcher feature to open My Computer, Control Panel, Recycle Bin and Internet Explorer with one click and you change any existing shortcut with another new one.

metrosidebar windows 7 8 8.1

You can add more titles for example Battery info, Bin Search, Power and many more others to personalize it in your own way.

metrosidebar windows 7 8 8.1

In the same way you can set your own app in MetroSidebar launcher section.

metrosidebar windows 7 8 8.1

By default MetroSidebar updates automatically and new features, but you can also disable automatic updates.MetroSidebar also have some more customization options that are available in Settings window.

metrosidebar windows 7 8 8.1

Final Words:

I have checked this app in my own computer and noticed that it works awesome. User has the option to access it via Mouse or Keyboard shortcut key.

Default Charms Bar in Windows 8 does not have any customization option but this is worth to try and you can use it as replacement of Charms Bar. The most beautiful thing of this software is that you can use it in Windows 7 that does not supports and tile or any Modern Apps.