How to Detect Keyboard Loggers on Cell Phones?

The revelation that the US government was tracking cell phones started a firestorm of debates about whether this manner of surveillance was justified or not.

Whatever the conclusion the general masses choose to draw, the fact remains that the tech market is full to the brim with methods of monitoring a person’s activities on a smartphone.

The real picture

Keyloggersare one such tool. They are small hidden applications that run in the backdrop of the phone, recording activities performed on the device. These stealth apps are able to monitor every keystroke on the keyboard of the cell phone and send it to a remote computer using the Internet.

Top-notch versions perform other functions like taking and sending screenshots of user’s activities, make logs of keyboard keystrokes and the basic function of working in stealth mode.

Many developers advertise keyloggers to be potentially used for positive purposes like inducing parental control or keeping a check on employees and their use of organization-owned resources.

There is, however, a large number of malicious keylogger tools that aim to screen personal data in the cell phone and then use it to carry out cybercrimes.

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How to detect keylogger in your cell phone?

Detecting a keyboard logger in your cell phone is very similar to looking for a virus or spyware in your device. The reason for that is their functionality might differ but they all sprout from the same family.

The simplest way to make sure that your personal data in your cell phone is safe is to check your control panel and have a look at the list of programs. Make sure you know what they all are for. Another way to get hold of keylogger is to update your firewall and antivirus apps frequently.

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There are some apps in the market that are designed specially to fight against keyloggers and their malicious properties. Such programs will prevent keylogger software to be installed on the device as well as alert you if one is already present.

A way to prevent the entry of keylogger application in your cell phone is to be careful when opening links that you receive via various chat messengers that you use on your smartphone.

One of the many ways to get stealth keylogger software into a cell phone is through e-mails. When opening e-mails, the user should be very careful. Mails from unknown sources may contain spyware.

It is always a great move to check freeware thoroughly before installing on your cell phone. Keyloggers and other malware often come in disguise of free apps and target unsuspecting smartphone users.

It is easier to detect a keylogger in your cell phone than removing it. Keystroke loggers work in stealth mode and monitor a cell phone in several different ways.

It is difficult to purge your smartphone of a keylogger software but not impossible. The easiest and simplest way to get rid of one is to reinstall the operating system in your cell phone.