How to Add a Signature in Outlook 2010 [Step-by-Step]

Without any doubt Outlook is one of the most professional application by Microsoft to manage emails directly from computer.

Microsoft has already released its new (2013) version but there are a huge number of people who are still using Microsoft Outlook 2010 like me because I am still using Microsoft Office 2007.

Today, I have selected a new topic for Outlook 2010 that how you can add a signature in Outlook 2010. Yes, emails with signature looks more professional and it works like small bio of you and your work. You can add anything in an Outlook 2010 signature feature.

Most of online services have a signature option that gets added automatically at the end of email when you create any new email for anyone including your client. Email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2010 sync all the emails from your online email account but can’t sync your signature.

So there is only one way to add your signature in Outlook 2010 and that is to add them manually. However, Outlook 2013 support signature feature and you can also add same signature in Outlook 2010 as you added to an online email account.

Office 2010 has totally changed from Office 2007 and lots of users might not easily access known options in a single view.

If you are an Outlook 2007 users then it might be possible that you are also facing the same problem to add signature in Office 2010. But here I am going to tell you step-by-step process to add a signature in Office 2010.

How To Add Signature in Outlook 2010

1. To add a signature in Outlook 2010, open your Outlook 2010 version and click on Office button which is available at the top-left corner to access Options menu.

add signature outlook 2010


2. Now in the Options window, click on Mail tab and then Signature button. Clicking on Signature button will open one more new window Signatures and Stationary.

signature for outlook 2010


3. In the Signatures and Stationary window you can add a new signature.

add signature outlook 2010

Microsoft Office supports many features for signature like you can change signature in outlook 2010, you can change the signature style, html signature is also allowed and you can also add a picture in your added signature.

Once you finalize your signature click on OK button to save them and now you are ready to send email with a newly added signature that appears automatically when you compose a new email.