How to Disable Automatic Updates of Apps in Windows 8.1

Microsoft has released Windows 8 with apps support and apps store to download latest apps with one click. Concept was completely new for operating system because now users can download and install apps like a any Mobile version.

As you know updates are very important for every computer users because it contains performance and security or bug fixes. As we know Windows have option to update operating system automatically without any interference from user but that option was missing for apps in Windows 8.

Windows 8 users have to download and update apps manually one by one. Microsoft has already noted this issue and applied automatic update feature for apps in Windows 8.1.

Now, users no longer need to check for latest apps updates as Windows 8.1 now automatically downloads latest apps updates from Windows 8 Apps Store. But as usual there are lots of Windows 8.1 users who don’t like to update apps automatically, here is the way to disable automatic updates for apps.

Yes, the reason must be the “Internet Bandwidth”. If you have slow internet speed with limited connection then I am sure that you never want to update automatically because it can consume your lot of bandwidth and also increase your internet bill.

But thanks to Microsoft that they have also added option to disable automatic updates for Windows Apps. It means you can also disable automatic updates for apps in Windows 8.1 with a single click.

How to Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 8.1?

If you are already a Windows 8 users then I am sure you will not have any issue to find out the settings for Windows 8.1 app updates. However, here is process in step-by-step manner to disable automatic updates of apps.

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Disable automatic updates

#1. Fist of all switch to Start Screen and then move your cursor to right-side of the screen to access Charms Bar. After then, click on Settings to open Windows 8.1 Apps settings panel.

#2. In the Settings panel, click on App updates option and now you are in Apps Updates related settings.

#3. Now look for Automatically update my app title and switch button to No. Now Windows 8.1 will stop or disable automatic updates for installed apps.

I want to share one small tips for Windows 8 users that they can also disable automatic updates in Window 8 but they have to modify Group Policy for that.

Windows 8 users can open the Group Policy Editor using gpedit. ms command in Windows 8 Run Box and browse to the following key:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Store

Then double click on Turn off Automatic Download of updates on Win8 machines available under the above location and select enable option to disable automatic update of apps in Windows 8 also.