How to Get Back Chrome’s Old “New Tab” Instead of Google Search

Recently, Google Chrome got updated with new tab page and recently closed tab menu with security updates. I really like this new improvement because now we can search anything directly from new tab.

They have also added a new Apps option under the bookmark bar to access all the installed apps in Chrome. Another new feature of new tab is, recently visited website thumbnails, it means you can open again last eight most visited websites.

But it might be possible that lots of Chrome users don’t like to see new tab page and want to revert back with old style new tab. There is also an privacy concern as anyone can see what you have opened the last time.

How to Disable New Tab and Get Back Old One?

In the straight word Chrome does not have any option in the settings panel to disable the new tab but you can do it with Chrome Flags setting. You have to follow the following steps to enable old style new tab in Google Chrome:

1. First of all open the Chrome Flags page and you can open it using chrome://flags URL in Chrome Address bar (omnibox).

2. In the Chrome:flags page find out Enable Instant Extended API Mac, Windows, Chrome OS flag and you can use Chrome Search feature to get it quickly.

Enable Instant Extended API Mac, Windows, Chrome OS.

Enables the Instant Extended API which provides a deeper integration with your default search provider, including a renovated New Tab Page, extracting search query terms in the omnibox, a spruced-up omnibox dropdown and Instant previews of search results as you type in theomnibox.

3. Set it to ‘Disabled’.

3Once you find out the flag set it to disable.

disable new tab chrome

4. The last and final step is to relaunch the Google Chrome to apply new flag setting and now you are ready to use the old style new tab again.