Add Restart Explorer Option to Right Click Context Menu

Its been not too long I had published article on “How you can fix Windows Explorer has Stopped Working” kind of issue and there was one method to restart the Windows Explorer.

At many occasions we have to restart the explorer like to solve freeze system issue and apply new software effects specially who are related to Windows Explorer as well as UI.

Advanced users knows very well that restarting the explorer is not straight forward process in Windows XP and 7 but in Windows 8 you can restart Windows Explorer directly from Task Manager.

Today I have another freeware and portable application to review that will add Restart Explorer option to right-click Context menu.

I am talking about Right-Click Restart Explorer v1 that is developed by another blogger friend The Windows Club known as TWC.

This is freeware app which gets installed instantly as it based on Windows Registry and does not effect on system files.

How to Install Right-Click Restart Explorer?

There is nothing special in installation. Just open the application and click on Install button. Without any progress of deal it will install and will be ready to use.

Here I want to share one important note that please keep this application at any backup location because if you want to remove Restart Explorer option in future from right-click Context menu that will require application again.

right click explorer restart

Once you click on Install button, right click on desktop and you can see Restart Explorer option is available there.

right click explorer

To remove the Restart Explorer option start this application again and click on Uninstall button. It works in Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1 in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Thus, by doing the settings given above makes easy your accessibility to Option of Restart Explorer on Right click. I hope, I have given you all necessary information which are required. Read more about Android and Windows here on Birdseyemoon.